FAQ about Japanese porn sites

This page summarizes the frequently asked questions related to Japanese porn sites. If you have any questions in addition to the following Q&A, please contact us from here. Japanese Porn Guide.com is encrypted with all the pages. Please be assured because your e-mail address will be no leaked to the outside.

Even after you unsubscribe the adult sites, The porn videos downloaded can be played back at any time. Copy restriction or playback restrictions such as DRM has not been applied. Not only to playing but also copy is also possible. But do not upload the erotic movies copied to video sites. Because it will copyright law violation.

The Kind of porn video files that can be downloaded from the Japanese porn sites is mainly mp4 and wmv. You can play as it is in if Windows user in WindowMediaPlayer. Your smartphone can play as it is not necessary special playback software. I think that it can be played on Mac user if QuickTime, but in rare cases wmv files can not be played. Please install the WindowsMediaPlayer for Mac in that case.

You do not need to prepare the Japanese Yen. All Japanese porn site accept the US dollar.

Yes, really fixed fee. It does not require additional fee for each viewing or downloading of porn videos. Even with the same ID and password, it is available without additional charge on the smartphone.

In illegal adult sites and fraudulent websites will charge a high fee. But please do not worry. The Japanese porn sites that are introduced in this site can be enjoyed at a reasonable fixed fee. Just adult sites where you can enjoy at $1 ~ 2 a day. Of course, there is no claim of an additional charge because it is a fixed fee. You can use with confidence.

File format of erotic videos that have been delivered in the Japanese adult sites is mp4, wmv or flv. If ordinary Windows user, you can play in the Internet Explorer. Downloaded erotic videos also can be played on WindowsMediaPlayer. You can also play in the browser in your smartphone. Just for streaming playback of flv format might need Adobe Flash Player. In that case, click here. Playback software is recommended for non-WindowsMediaPlayer has been introduced in this page.

How to join the adult site is easy. Basically the member shipping process will be completed soon if you have e-mail address and credit card. After entering your e-mail address and the credit card information, it is issued immediately ID and password, you can enjoy the Japanese porn videos. This site has described the join method of adult sites in each of erotic videos page with image. Please refer to.

All Japanese porn sites that are introduced on my site have the contact page. Even if you forget your password and cannot login, it is okay if you contact from the contact page. They also have support system. If you do not know where is a query page, please refer to my detailed review page of each Japanese adult sites. I have provided a link to the contact page of each Japanese porn sites.

The Japanese porn sites that are introduced in my site are all safe and secure adult site. I believe there are three important points of safety and peace of mind. First the handling of personal information, second you can unsubscribe properly and Third no strange claim. The membership page to enter personal information such as ID, password and credit card information is encrypted with SSL, also are listed neatly further withdrawal page. The adult sites have fixed fee system, which has been introduced in my site, and does not have the strange charge in the use experience of myself. Your credit card information was not managed by the adult site, has been managed by the credit card settlement company. This mechanism is the same as shopping sites such as Amazon. Since I have introduced the Japanese porn sites that are tightly controlled and managed join, withdrawal and personal information, please with confidence.

Japanese porn stars, young amateur girls, MILF Housewife, voyeur videos, HENTAI (erotic anime), blonde and Asian, BDSM, humiliation porn, SNS leaked SEX, shemale porn and more. Please refer to each page of the free porn video that are introduced on this site. Feel free so you can watch all free. Seeing is believing.

I have explained How to unsubscribe Japanese adult sites in detail with the image in each of erotic videos page. Basically, it is the end unsubscribed by entering the ID, e-mail address and password. After the unsubscribe procedure, there are porn sites that are available to members period expires, and no longer available after the end of procedure. Please check well in advance. In addition, If you not the unsubscribe procedure, membership period will continue. In other words, the fee occurs if not the unsubscribe procedure. If you do not understand this point, you will be mistaken for fraudulent claims. Please note that.

In the Japanese domestic law to the men cock and pussy should be a mosaic. However, there is no such regulation in sexual expression in the United States and European law. Therefore Japanese porn sites that are introduced in this site has delivered from the countries other than Japan server. Because basically the law is a principle of territoriality, even the information on the Internet, the law on the location of the server and the management company will be applied.

Please be assured. The Japanese porn site name is not listed in your credit card statement. Such as “DWTRACE.NET”, “DI SERVE”, “DTISERVE”, “MAXX international”, “DW SERV.COM”, are described in the name on the credit card agency company that can not be reminiscent of the adult sites. Your wife never realize from the credit card statement.

Recently, an increasing number of illegal downloads and one-click fraud. It is described as the admission by simply clicking on the video button, or to charge a fee. Also after watching, they threatened to be the illegal downloading if not join, has a growing number of such adult site. Of course, this site has introduced only good Japanese adult sites. I have delivered JAV porn completely free on this site, it encrypts all of the page for you to be able to watch at ease.

If you are looking only free SEX videos, you will sometimes meet in such a suspicious adult site. But I think many people do not know, FC2 Videos also has received a crackdown by the authorities, famous XVideo.com has received investigation of the FBI. But it is best to be able to use it at ease.