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SummaryHEYdouga is a porn video site that sells the Japanese SEX videos on PPV (pay-per-view, sold separately). The number of porn videos that are for sale is about 30,000!! The video number boasts a Japan’s largest sales volume. That should be it, so they summarizes to sell the erotic videos of the 17 Japanese adult sites, this is why they are able to sell the uncensored video of that amount. You’ll find the SEX videos of high-level porn sites such as Caribbeancom, HEYZO, 1000giri, H0930, Kin8tengoku and so on. Moreover, it can be purchased from about a few dollars. The good news, There are free sample porn videos in all the SEX videos. So, you can see what erotic videos before you buy. Of course, the porn videos that you have purchased can be played indefinitely because it is DRM-free. Downloaded erotic videos can be also played on smartphones. Unlike the purchase of erotic DVD, mailing is not necessary, you need not to hide your porn DVD not to be known to your family, no need TV to play. Either if PC or smartphone you enjoy enough. If you hesitate to join in the monthly membership porn sites, you may prefer to buy a favorite erotic videos on HEYdouga. In addition, there is also a monthly channel that can be seen only in the HEYdouga.
  • About 30,000 overwhelming number, Japanese porn videos
  • You can purchase from a few dollars
  • There are free sample porno in all SEX videos
  • You can buy the porn videos such as Caribbeancom and HEYZO Japanese popular porn sites
  • Such as “Shirohame” and “Bouga”, series works which can be seen only in HEYdouga distribution
  • A wide range lineup not only porn stars, young amateur and MILFs, such as shemale, gay and lesbian
  • Since the erotic videos that you downloaded are not applied viewing restriction (DRM), any number of times renewable
Drawback / disappointed points
  • There is a case deals depending on the erotic videos you like, better to join the supplier of the site, such as Caribbeancom.
Safety evaluationPurchase page is encrypted with SSL, it also offers support, contact and FAQ. Since it has a publisher since 2004 in a stable more than 11 years, I think HEYdouga is safety porn site.
The number of porn videoAbout 30,000 (Feb 2016)
Update frequencyEveryday
Free sample porn videosAll of SEX videos that are sold in the HEYdouga, brings with free sample porn videos. Without free membership registration, you can play with just a click. It is nice to be able to check before you buy the erotic videos.

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FeeIt can be purchased in about a few to $ 20 US dollars.
Credit cardAccepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, JCB and DinersClub.
Creditcard Settlement Agent CompanyCredit card settlement agent company is the King Summit company with many years of experience and track record in USA.
Streaming playIt is not supported because of porn video sales site
Download limitationYou need to download the SEX videos that you have purchased within two weeks.
File formatThe downloaded file is mp4 or wmv format. Android smartphone and Windows users can play without any problems. Mp4 file format is playable in QuickTime also Mac users. If you install the WindowsMediaPlayer for Mac, there is no problem to play in wmv format. Of course downloaded porn files are DRM Free, you can enjoy the downloaded porno even after withdrawal.
How to buy the porn videos on HEY Douga1.First click on the page of erotic video your favorite. Then it will be erotic videos page, such as the bottom of the image. There is an “Add to Cart” button on the green.

How to buy the porn videos on HEY Douga 1

2.Since it moved to the cart page, please press the green button if buy for the first time.

How to buy the porn videos on HEY Douga 2

3.Since it moves to the input page of the credit card, you will be able to download the erotic videos after you have entered the information. Credit card information rather than being recorded in the HEY Douga site, Credit Card Company will store and manage. In suspiciously Adult site, they do not have your credit card information. Please be assured.

How to buy the porn videos on HEY Douga 3

Withdrawal methodBecause HEYdouga is an adult site to purchase separately erotic videos, there is no withdrawal. Of course, if you do not buy the erotic videos, please be assured will not be charged money.
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