1pondo site review and safety evaluation

Official HPhttp://en.1pondo.tv/eng/home.htm
Summary“1pondo” is a famous Japanese porn site that are highly regarding image-quality and Japanese porn stars than anything else. “1pondo” has been corresponds to the Full HD quickly among the Japanese porn industry, their attention to image quality is not as odd. You’ll notice that free sample SEX videos introduced in my website are also high image quality compared to other porn sites. “1pondo” has been in operation since 2001, and it is a long-established porn site in the same way as “Caribbeancom” in Japanese porn site industry. Therefore, you can join with confidence. Furthermore, the level of the porn stars have appeared are much higher compared to other porn sites!! Even if you are sticking to beauty and style of porn star, you must be satisfied with 1pondo. I think that it is the highest level as well as usability of porn sites. “1pondo” is the second place in porn site of variety genres of the runner-up of “Caribbeancom”, but it is the porn site I strongly recommend to you.
  • All porn movies are high image quality and uncensored, especially porn stars are much highest level
  • Furthermore, many original sex videos only here
  • More than 15 years site management history and outstanding relaiability
  • High Definition quality (Full HD: 1920 × 1080px)
  • It corresponds to the tablet or smartphone (1pondo mobile but only Japanese version site), even non-PC! In night, you can also enjoy secretly use the smartphone in the bed!
  • Downloaded porn videos are out of parental control (No DRM), so you can enjoy porn movies as many times as you want after withdrawal
  • It supports streaming playback, no upper limit of playback
Drawback / disappointed points
  • Membership Fee ($65) is somewhat expensive compared to other porn sites
Safety evaluationJoin page is encrypted with SSL, and it has also been firmly posted unsubscribe page. It also offers FAQ and contact page. Furthermore, since it has continued a stable site management from 2001, it can be said to be the safe porn site. Conversely, we think that there is no stable and secure porn site than 1pondo.
The number of porn videoOver 3,000 (Feb 2016)
Update frequency1 porn video about every day
Free porn videos in 1pondoIf you want to watch the free porn videos in “1pondo”, Click the screen shot below. Without need of free membership registration, you can download almost all of free porn videos. You will find “High Quality Download Sample” (Red circle) and click the button in each pages of porn stars page.

Screenshot of free sample porn videos in 1pondo 1

Screenshot of free sample porn videos in 1pondo 2

If you want to see the free porn videos that are posted on this site, Click Here

FeeOnly USD settlement. All Japanese porn sites that are introduced in our site are a complete fixed fee system. Since there is no additional charges, please do not worry.

Credit cardAccepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, JCB and DinersClub.
Creditcard Settlement Agent CompanyThe credit card settlement agent company is DTI Services, INC. which has a lot of experiences and actual results. It is described “DI SERVE” and “DTISERVE” in the credit card statement. because porn site names are not listed, you do not have to worry about if known to the family. Credit cards payment is supported by The Allbright Customer Support Center for 24hours.
Streaming playSupported, Playable indefinitely (but only Japanese site supports)
Download limitDownload limit per day is 6GB. Of course even after withdrawal, porn videos downloaded can be played anytime.
File formatThe downloaded file is mp4 or avi format. Android smartphone and Windows users can play without any problems. Mp4 and avi file format are playable in QuickTime also Mac users. If you install the WindowsMediaPlayer for Mac, there is no problem to play in wmv format. Of course downloaded porn movies are DRM Free, you can enjoy the downloaded porn videos even after withdrawal.
Smartphone and TabletThere is Smartphone site “1pondo mobile” (But Japanese version of “1pondo” is ready for smartphone, not English site). Even in the smartphone, you can enjoy high-quality porn videos. It is the same high-quality porn video as well Blu-ray disc in smartphone screen. Take out your smartphone from pocket, soon you can enjoy a high-quality porn videos, moreover at any time, anywhere, in your favorite place. Smartphone site is very convenient. The image below is a screen shot of the smartphone site of “1pondo” and linked to Japanese site. It is easy to site-to-use only thumb.

NOTE : link to Japanese version of “1pondo”. If you click it in smartphone, you will go to “1pondo mobile site”

Screenshot of 1pondo mobile site 1  Link to the smartphone oriented site 1pondo mobile

How to Join 1pondoYou can join in landing page “Sign Up” button.

1pondo registration page 1

It is ready to join if you have a credit card (or debitcard) and e-mail address. You will be able to use your user ID and password as soon as you’ve completed your sign up.

1pondo registration page 2

How to withdraw 1pondoWithdrawal page is below the Join page, Click Here. There is “DTI Services Cancellation” button.

1pondo cancellation page 1

You can easily withdraw with “USERNAME” “PASSWORD” and “E-MAIL ADDRESS”. You must cancel your membership at least one day before your next billing cycle to avoid automatic recurring charges. You will receive confirmation e-mail when you complete the process. After you have cancelled your account, you will still have access to the site until your membership period expires.

DTI cancellation page

FAQ linkFAQ link of “1pondo”, Click Here
Contact USIf you want to contact with respect to “1pondo”, Click Here
NotesBecause it is automatic renewal scheme, you would have been member automatically, if you do not take the withdrawal procedure.