The Debit card

We think paying by credit card might be the bottleneck when the use of japanese porn site. About the safety of credit card payment, we have described in this page. I think whether some people who does not pass through the credit card application, depending on occupation or income. Because of the possibility of payment in the division, credit investigation (research-based occupation, annual income, credit information) of the card owner is done absolutely. I think because if the annual income lower, or a sole proprietorship, you do not have a credit card itself and therefore, whether some people who are in trouble with no available porn site. In this website, we recommend the “debit card” to such person.

Debit cards

Please refer to the Wikipedia a detailed description of the debit card、In a nutshell, if you are shopping by the debit card, except that the price will be debited from the bank immediately, that is different from the credit card. To be debited immediately is the important point of the debit card different from the credit card. Because it is debited immediately in debit card, there is no credit investigation unlike credit card. In other words, the debit card will be issued without credit check.

Advantages and disadvantages of debit card

In addition there is no credit check to card issuance, There are three benefits of using a debit card.

  1. Because it is debited from the bank immediately, as installments and revolving credit of credit card, there is no risk that you use too much, there is no need to pay interest also
  2. Since the available invoice does not sent by mail as credit card payments, and history payment status of the card does not exist, it is difficult for your family to find out your use of porn site
  3. Debit card can be used in the same way as credit card in internet shops and real shops

The following will be considered as a disadvantage.

  1. Because it is the bank debited immediately, If you do not pay attention to the balance of the bank account, there are cases where it is not settled the balance is not enough

I think there is not much other than the above-mentioned disadvantage. In fact, I was also settled in a debit card, but it has been settled in the same way as credit card.