Risks of free porn sites

There are a lot of free porn sites in the world. There are also classic porn sites such asXVIDEO.com or Japanese Fuck, you may fully enjoy. But because of the free porn site, you might run a risk without knowing. The main risk is the three points below. These three are in a harmonious union, respectively, and be able to determine cleanly is difficult. Countermeasures against these risks is just one, “Closing the browser and ignore”.

  • The site itself is illegal sites or fraudulent sites
  • Induction into dating sites and paid sites
  • Spyware and computer viruses

illegal sites or fraudulent sites

Such as one-click fraud is a typical example, speaking of illegal sites and fraudulent sites. It is a site that should still be using the site for free, but to charge unawares. It is displayed on the screen “your information were recorded”, and “Please transfer to the account of the specified several thousand yen”. It is a typical fraud one.

Also, if you download it by clicking on the link that says “download videos”, stolen information of a personal computer. While you do not know, it has been allowed to imperceptibly member. And there is also a fraud site expensive bill would arrive in a few days. Someone has a guilty feeling that they use porn sites, and for reasons such as have entered email address and so on, it seems end up paying often.

The fishing the many men in the bait of free and to charge unfairly, This is the conventional means of fraud. When suspicious window open or fee billing appears on the screen, it should not be clicked ahead from there absolutely.

What to do if you caught any chance, to fraudulent sites? Basic countermeasures are to completely ignore. Completely ignore is the secret of countermeasures. I have described for details in the page “countermeasures of fraud site”

Induction into dating sites and paid sites

That is not a fraud, but you need to be careful as well as fraudulent sites. As a general trend in such sites, when you click on the screen of porn videos, screen or browser tab will rise more. I will be quite unpleasant feeling that launch personally. Also, for example, there are times when it and try to click on the link that reads “free download”, or was paid sites. By inducing “read more” and deliver sample porn videos, there is also the case of the page to encourage membership to paid porn site. Such trick links are also uncomfortable, like this paid site will also be further discomfort. Please take care as well as fraud sites, so you prompt to click the “OK button” to put out some kind of pop-up messages on sites like this.

Spyware and computer viruses

In the free porn sites, you cannot play without installing dubious softwares to download or playing. In some cases, spyware is embedded in the porn files itself. By spyware personal information such as passwords, history of the net, and the address book of friends will be stolen while you do not know. Pop-ups that you do not know the meaning, without pressing the click button, let’s close the browser directly. If you’re so anxious, let’s restart once.