Counterplan to the fraud sites

And even if you are so careful, you may come across the fraud sites, such as one-click site. I think that it is understood by anyone who have seen the fraud such sites, something plausible is written and it is highly clever to perturb. However, you do not need to panic. In conclusion, “Counterplan to fraud sites is to ignore completely”.

If it is claimed the amount of money on the website

Pattern in the Free porn site is often to display your IP address, the remote host, your browser, and OS information after clicking porn files. Because these information on your own computer are displayed, you can let remember the illusion as if you had contracted Sign up for automatic.
And displayed such as terms and agreement statement, payee’s bank account information further, it is also described to claim exorbitant penalties and interest if you do not transfer money to the bank within the period. The invoice amount is at normally pay, and from the sense of shame that porn sites use, a lot of people have being victimized.

In such a case, what do you do?
Please ignore completely. ignore is the counterplan.

“Is it OK the personal information were leak?” If you think,
It is absolutely OK, Please ignore completely.

In fact, IP address, remote host, browser, OS information, etc. can be easily obtained via the Internet. Speaking further, the type of your mobile phone, for example, accessed via SC-06D Galaxy SIII, or via iPhone, your area such as Hachioji and NewYork city from your IP address!!! We find these information from the server-side. Of course we know your mobile phone or PC, your area, browser, etc but we don’t know who are you. However, it does not allow us to extract the personal information of more than that. Your name, home address, phone number, even though your e-mail address, it is impossible for fraud sites to extract these personal information. And even if it is something to claim from fraud site, please try to continue to ignore about 2 to 3 days. Any invoice never come, and they cannot. It is impossible to send invoice because they do not even know email address rather than your name, home address, phone number. Thus if such fraud site instruct, there is no problem and can be ignored completely. What you are viewing the threatening remarks actually are displayed automatically by the program rather than human beings.

Someone might be uneasy people only our explanation. Here on the Japan National Consumer Affairs Center is an organization of the country, will also be helpful. You’ll notice that the assertion of us, it is the same content.

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