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Site summaryThe greatest feature of Tokyo-Hot is that called humiliation porn system, thoroughly women was raped and fucked. There are many porn videos called humiliation porn system, but the No other adult sites that rape, sexual humiliation, gangbang as Tokyo-Hot. The style in which a lot of men fuck one woman, that can not be seen easily in the other adult sites. Not just SEX, it is also a popular secret of this thorough sexual humiliation, Torture and gangbang in Tokyo-Hot. The women who are raped also are beautiful, it will be excited by the place where beauty were done sexual humiliation being fucked by multiple men. Those who have sadistic trend would be absolutely satisfying adult site. The beginners adult site are popular Caribbeancom and HEYZO, this Tokyo-Hot is the most popular with senior who has undergone a certain experience. Previously it would have the DRM copy restriction erotic video files, DRM has been released in August 2012. So you can play once forever downloaded porn videos, now you can also copy. Pretty usability has been improved.
On the other hand, this too extreme humiliation porn movies, cannot be recommended to normal people. In the video of the opening they have taken the woman to clean, but its contents is no very clean. For those who have an aversion to be hurting the woman, they do not match.
  • It has delivered humiliation porn videos thoroughly
  • Beauty women have been fucked and reaped in a number of men, those have sadistic must be very happy
  • Hard contents : Sexual insulting, Torture, Continuous cream pies, Facial-cum/Bukkake
  • POV SEX young amateur women, some girls would become porn stars of Tokyo-Hot, that is team Kimura, interesting planning
  • About 14 years since the site opened in 2002, it has continued a stable site management
  • Downloaded porn videos have no DRM, copy possible
Drawback / disappointed points
  • Because of too hard humiliated content, Normal men may not accept it
  • Not supported streaming play
Safety evaluationJoin page is encrypted with SSL, it has also been firmly posted unsubscribe page. It is also available Contact and FAQ. About 14 years since 2002, so tehy have continued a stable site management, I think there is no problem in the safety of Tokyo-Hot.
The number of porn videoOver 2,300
Update frequencyAlmost one video per day
Free porn viewingIn Tokyo-Hot the free porn videos are also substantial. Free sample videos have been available in most of the erotic videos, you can play with a single click. Since free member registration is not necessary, we are happy to enjoy by playing feel free to. Of course, it supported the smartphone. When you click on the screenshot image below, you can go to the porn video list page of Tokyo-Hot. Please enjoy without hesitate.

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If you want to view free porn video of Tokyo-Hot, click here

Membership feeFee is only Japanese Yen settlement.

30 days5,000 yenDL amount twice 9,000 yen
60 days9,000 yen
90 days13,000 yenDL amount twice 26,000 yen
Credit cardThe available Credit card is, VISA, MasterCard and JCB
Creditcard Settlement Agent CompanyThe Creditcard Settlement Agent Company is JSKY SERVICES Inc. in San Francisco the United States. Because it is described as “JSKY” the credit card statement, you do not have to worry about known to your family. You can use it peace of mind
Streaming playNot supported
Download limit6GB~20GB per day. After the unsubscribe of Tokyo-Hot, the porn videos you have downloaded can be played or copied.
File formatThe downloaded file is mp4 or wmv format. Android smartphone and Windows users can play without any problems. Mp4 file format is playable in QuickTime also Mac users. If you install the WindowsMediaPlayer for Mac, there is no problem to play in wmv format. Of course downloaded porn files are DRM Free, you can enjoy the downloaded porno even after withdrawal.
Smartphone and TabletTokyo-Hot is responsive site that corresponds to the smartphone and tablet. Therefore, it is available in the smartphone, does not change with the personal computer. This is quite useful if you want to be able to download the erotic videos in smartphone.

Tokyo-Hot smartphone oriented site

Join methodYou can join by the “Join” button in the sign up page.

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Enter your favorite ID, your e-mail address and credit card information. After entering, it will be issued immediately to your ID and password to e-mail address registered.

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The unsubscribe method of Tokyo-HotThe unsubscribe page is at the bottom of the join page, there is a button of the “Request cancellation”.

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The unsubscribe page linked, just to enter user ID, e-mail address and password, withdrawal procedure is terminated. Please perform the withdrawal procedure the day before membership period renewal date. Because it is automatic renewal scheme, fee and member are continued automatically If you do not do withdrawal procedure. Please note in this regard.

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FAQFAQ page of Tokyo-hot, Click Here
Contact pagePlease contact Individual information of Tokyo-Hot, click here
NoteBecause it is automatic renewal scheme, you would have been member automatically, if you do not take the withdrawal procedure.