Can we cancel properly?

Mechanism of automatic renewal

If you join a paid porn site, you may be able to download the porn videos and enjoy streaming play during the membership period. So if that period has passed, what kind would unsubscribe way?
Speaking from the conclusion, the contract will continue automatically unless the intention of Unsubscribe. Certain period of time even after, it is not a Unsubscribe automatically. If you do not request a Unsubscribe, your monthly contract is continued automatically, payment of the fee will be continued.

It is because that the porn site take into account in the hassle of reconfiguring a new contract every month, it has been done in this manner. But those who do not know this manner, it may be possible that someone feels for the claim, to have been deceived. Therefore, it is important for yourself to Unsubscribe the application properly.

Unsubscribe method

Unsubscribe method is little different at each site, It is common in many sites, you can unsubscribe by simply fill out the cancellation form. It never happens that interfering with the unsubscribe in order not to unsubscribe. However, because there is a cancellation form in the place where a little confusing, Please check each site and “Help” and “FAQ”. It must be always described. The detailed review page of each porn sites that are introduced on this website, we have also described the Unsubscribe link page.

Porn sites that confusing cancellation form, the question will remain also in terms of reliability of the site. Check the cancellation form properly in advance, we suggest that you do not join in such porn sites. We introduce the Unsubscribe page of the typical porn sites below. We think the link is guidance of how to join, but that there is a cancellation form within the same page. Let’s take a check the specific Unsubscribe before admission. The porn sites that we have been guided by this website, so we introduce a link Unsubscribe page firmly, please do not worry.