What is Japanese porn sites

Even though the Japanese porn sites, there are several types. What kinds of type is there, let’s take a quick look.

Paid porn sites

Fee will occur in order to browse sex videos or monthly membership, purchased separately(PPV:page per view). Videos porno have been delivered at image quality such as FullHD Blu-ray or DVD level in the japanese porn sites we recommend in our website. There are also websites that have a variety of specialties and genre. Based on our experiences and reputations, we have introduced a variety of high-quality japanese porn sites in this website! So we will update the information for each porn sites on a regular basis, stay tuned! !

Free porn sites

As the name suggests, it is a website that allows you to browse the sex videos for free. There are famous free porn sites such as XVIDEO.com or Japanese Fuck. Quality of videos porno that are delivered at free sites is not good, quality level is also varied. In addition you may have such an experience that the porno links are blown in a variety of many pages, and that it can not be played after all. You can not do If you do not press the suspicious OK button in order to play, Safety of sex video file itself to play does not have collateral. There are some sites referred to as the software for playing, such as to install a program like spyware. If in further malicious sites, you may also be skipped in places like fraud site. It is the site to be displayed on the screen your browser type and IP address, and instructed you to transfer money as if they were acquiring your personal information. There are also cunning sites that force to paste the hot stuff to the start screen, it cannot be removed, in order to turn off the hot stuff some sites instruct you to transfer money.

Live chat

It is a site where you can chat with girls through web camera. In front of the camera, amateur women do pornographic act. We have not introduced on this site, because of lack of our experience.

Dating site

It is a site that utilizes the bulletin board and e-mail, to provide a meeting place for women and men. It is harder to find a good dating site in japan because there are many shill sites. In our experience we found only one good dating site. The dating site is not free for men, (women free), collect a fee of 1000 yen per month male side. In order to confirm this dating site has no problem, I had been registered as a woman, on purpose that mail arrives from the male members. After I confirmed that it was a good site, I began to use (When you register as a woman, profile and mail content, such as photos of various men can be confirmed, I was studying for cheats dating site). we need to lot of time to confirm which site is good one or suspicious, because of the mails coming frequently (from women member or not??).

When it comes to japanese porn sites, these four types is the main basically. However, when you look all over the world, porn sites exist as the number of stars. There are many porn sites that are operated soundly, but malicious sites such as one-click fraud sites also exist as many.

We want to emphasize here is that the purpose of paid porn sites is to make money as a business. It may seem commonplace, but to understand this purpose is an important point for safe use of the japanese porn sites.